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Calibre .303
Serial No G19370
Price: £550

Excellent Condition With a Good Bore

"Fitted with a Long Butt"

A nice SMLE with matching serial numbers, manufactured at BSA in 1917.

The Action, Barrel, Bolt & Nose Cap have matching serial numbers.

The Action & Barrel have had a second serial number stamped on in service with the orginal matching numbers cancelled out,
the barrel is the original which is also
dated 1917.

Tested at 300M with original 1955 dated MkVII ammunition and was shooting point of aim

This rifle is in very good condition with a good bore that refuses the .305" Gauge.
Great useable example of a WWI SMLE rifle.

Woodwork looks quite nice, possibly replaced at sometime probably WW2. BSA refurbished 1000s of SMLEs for foreign goverments so could quite possibly been back to BSA post war as well.