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Serial No 66705
Price: £450

Very Good Condition

A really nice SMLE, woodwork is in very good condition, action, barrel, bolt, sights & nosecap all have matching serial numbers.

Manufactured in 1944, and on inspection most parts are all original, the fore-end has been replaced, not recently but in its military life and is RSAF Enfield marked.

The butt has some interesting marks: “C – Coy” “FMVRC”
C – Company, Federation of Malaya Volunteer Reconnaissance Corps
(Federation of Malaya Volunteer Force “Reconnaissance Corps”)
A British Army Volunteer T.A. Unit made up of British Subjects living in British Malaya

These marks place this rifle in the Malaya / Borneo Region (British Malaya) possibly during the Conflicts / Emergencies before Independence in 1958.

The Reconnaissance Corps, or simply Recce Corps, was a corps of the British Army whos units provided the mobile spearhead for infantry divisions
gathering vital tactical information feeding back to the rear divsions ahead of any advance. Their Cap Badge consisted of two lightning striges and a spear head

This rifle is in very good condition including the bore and is a great useable
example of a regimentally marked, WW2 and Post War Service MkIII* SMLE rifle.