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BSA Century
Target Rifle
Calibre .22
Price: £Sold
Excellent Good Condition

Introduced in 1955 As the Single Shot BSA Century Target Match Rifle

Many were used by schools, in the latter half of the 1950s, for junior cadet practice, prior to the youngsters progressing on to the Lee-Enfield No.8 and the .303 Lee Enfield on the full-bore range.

The standard rifle came fitted with the Parker-Hale Model 17 rear aperture sight. The match forend is designed with a pistol-grip and wide-forend.
The FS22 tunnel foresight fits straight in to the barrel's dovetail

The Century was primary used as an alternative to the Enfield Rifle No.8, itself intended as a combination target and training rifle for the Services and Combined Cadet Forces.

The century was also used as a club target /match rifle as were the older .22 martini Actioned rifles.

These were only manufactured between 1955 - 1961 so are coming quite scarce now in this type of condition.

This example is in excellent condition retaining most of its original blued finish, the bore is excellent as is the walnut forend.
The rifles come complete with the PH target sling and the Parker Hale Element holder attaced to the pistol grip

These rifles are now suitable for the Post Veteran Classic Shooting Comps