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Classic No4 Lee Enfield
Geoff Hart
Heavy Barrel Target Rifle

Calibre 7.62mm
Price: £Sold

This is another unusual 7.62mm converted No4 Target Rifle, often referred now days to as the 1st Generation Target Rifles.

This example was manufacture by Geoff Hart who basically took up the mantle when Bert Whitaker died.

Geoff was manufacturing 7.62mm rifles based on the heavily modified No4 Actions to Bert Whitakers design using the one piece stock
and modified trigger arrangement.

This example was made for the previous owner by Geoff Hart, possibly after he had dropped the single stock concept as this example has the traditional
two piece stock, however the fore-end still has the Whitaker influence of having no provision for a magazine and is purely a single shot target rifle.

This example is in really nice condition, with Parker Hale target sights that comes with the fully adjustable Iris

The original owner mentioned he has had some success in the past at
International level with this rifle back in the day.

This rifle is ideal for the Classic Shooting Comps in the 7.62mm Transitional Target Rifle Classes and is still more than capable of competing
against the modern target rifles at a fraction of the price of a modern rifle.

A good Target Rifle in good shooting condition.