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Martini Henry 1860 Pattern Yataghan Bayonet & Scabbard.

Price: £275

Excellent Condition

A completely original and untouched British Martini Henry 1860 Pattern Yataghan Bayonet & Scabbard.

It is dated /94 = 1885 with War Department and Broad Arrow acceptance stamps. The blade has remained untouched and the grips are free of any cracks or chips. The pommel is numbered "387" . There are a few BR markings that indicate it went in to the Birmingham Repair Ordnance Workshops as some time.

In the absence of an approved sword bayonet at the time of general issue of the Martini Henry, the Pattern 1860 Yataghan sword bayonet was adapted
for the .577/450 Martini Henry.

This involved the bushing of the muzzle diameter to suit the Martini Henry, and a mortised slot cutting into the pommel to suit the bayonet band. The Yataghan was standard issue to NCO's and rifle regiments.