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Ammunition & Reloading



Reloading Dies:

We now stock reloading dies for
Most Classic Military Rifles & Pistols

Rifle: Lee Pace Setter Dies £35

.303 British - Out Of Stock
8mm Lebel - Out Of Stock
7.62 x 54mm Russian - Out Of Stock
7.92 x 57mm German Mauser
7.65 x 53mm Belgian or Argentine Mauser
7.5 x 55mm Swiss (Schmidt Rubin)
7 x 57mm Mauser
7.7mm Japanese
6.5mm Japanese
6.5 x 55mm Swedish Mauser
6.5mm Carcano

Pistol: Lee Pace Setter Dies Dies £37

.455 Webley Revolver MkII




Un-Opened case of original Radway Green .303 MkVII Cartridges *** Sold ***