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I have just got a new batch of Lee Enfield No4 Match Grade Barrels Made. We will be building Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 Rifles using original actions and all new parts & wood work.


Long Branch No4 Mk1*


Original BSA .410 Shotgun
BSA Lee Speed Type


Enfield L39A1 7.62x51mm


SMLE MkIII* Lithgow 1944 Serial No E95990


L42A1 Sniper Rifle


Very Rare, All Matching Numbers Including Transit Chest:




Other New Items:

We now stock reloading dies for
Most Classic Military Rifles & Pistols

Rifle: Lee Pace Setter Dies £35

.303 British
7.92 x 57mm German Mauser
8mm Lebel
7.62 x 54mm Russian
7.65 x 53mm Belgian or Argentine Mauser
7.5 x 55mm Swiss (Schmidt Rubin)
7 x 57mm Mauser
7.7mm Japanese
6.5mm Japanese
6.5 x 55mm Swedish Mauser
6.5mm Carcano

Pistol: Lee Pace Setter Dies Dies £37

.455 Webley Revolver MkII



Just Come in:

BSA Model 12/15 Martini Rifle .22


No Licence - Antique/Obsolete Calibre
Section 58 (2) Firearms Act

Remington Rolling Block .32RF £320

Portuguese Kropatschek 8mm £700

Mauser M81/74 11mm £2000
(Mint in New Condition)

Nagant Falling Block .380 £500

Rook Rifle .380 £1000

H Akrill Muzzle Loader £800

Two Cased Holland & Holland Rook Rifles
.38 Ballard Everlasting & 297/250

Martini Henry MkIV 577/450

1853 Pattern Yataghan Sword Bayonet
Bushed for the Martini Henry

WW2 German K98 Bayonet


Polish Radon Vis 35 9mm
(Pistolet wz. 35 Vis)

Webley MkIV .38 S&W
Israeli Contract

Comes complete with a copy of the Israeli contract, specifications & correspondence with Israel & Webley, including the Birmingham proof House & Kynoch for the proof ammunition


Webley MkVI
.455 1916 Dated
Comes with a copy of the 1916
Webley build ledger for this revolver
Engraved with owners name:
John B Chamen


Shiloh Sharps 45/90 £2,500
~~ Commission Sale ~~
1874 #2 Creedmoor silhouette rifle with 34 inch half round half octagonal barrel in 45-90. MVA Soule sights are fitted to rear with front sights fitted with spirit level front globe with windage.Trigger is double set and butt has cheek rest, wood is selected walnut and is AA finished.
There is about 300 cases and a set of dies which the owner would like to negotiate separately for.
The rifle has been used in world championship competitions in Britain, USA, and South Africa.

Images Due Shortly


Swift Training Rifle
Original RAF Transit Box


Several Mosin Nagants


Walther PPK Calibre .22
Israeli Military Marked

Webley MkVI Calibre .455

Webley RIC Calibre .455


Yugo M48 Mauser 7.92x57mm -
Set up as a Sniper Rifle with Short Rail Mount













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