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Specialising In the Sales, Service & Repair of All types of Lee Enfield Rifles

All our Enfield rifles are fully serviced, checked for correct head space & range tested if time permitting

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SMLE 2A1 Ishapore 7.62x51 Dated 1965

SMLE MkIII LSA 1904 Conversion

SMLE MkV Trials Rifle

SMLE Mk III Regulated by Fultons 1908 Dated

SMLE Enfield MkIII Lithgow 1920 Serial No A86730

Long Lees

Lee Metford MkI * Dated 1889 - RESERVED

Long Lee Enfield MkI* BSA Lee Speed

Long Lee Enfield MkI BSA Lee Speed


P14 / M17

P14 Eddystone .303 - RESERVED

Small Bore & Training Rifles

Lee Enfield N.9 Naval Training Rifle - RESERVED

Lee Enfield No7 - RESERVED

Swift Training Rifle (Non Firearm)


Sniper Rifles


Target Rifles

Enfield Envoy

L39A1 7.62mm Serial No A1018


Sporting Rifles

Examples of Recently Sold Rifles

L1A1 (SLR) Rifle - Straight Pull

L1A1 Straight Pull - 7.62mm - SOLD

Long Lees

Long lee Enfield MkI BSA - Sold

Lee Enfield New Zealand Pattern Carbine - Sold

CLLE MkI* British Goverment Pattern by BSA £Sold

Lee Enfield MkI LSA Excellent Condition £Sold

CLLE "Territorial Pattern" by BSA Mint Condition £Sold




SMLE MkIII BSA 1908 Serial No 95209 - SOLD

SMLE MkIII* Lithgow 1944 Serial No E95990 - SOLD

SMLE MkIII BSA South African Military Contract - Sold

SMLE MkIII* BSA SRG Marked - Sold

SMLE MkIII BSA 1942 Ex-Italian Navy - Sold

SSA Standard Small Arms SMLE MkIII* Dated 1917 - Sold

SMLE MkIII* SSA 1917 - Sold

SMLE MKIII* 1944 from Malaya / Borneo Emergency Sold

SMLE Mk III* NRF & FF Fianna Fáil Irish Markings - Sold

SMLE MkIII* 1917 "Long Butt" £Sold

SMLE MkI*** BSA Sparkbrook 1905 £Sold

SMLE Mk III* Rare Wire Wrapped Version £350 £SOLD

SMLE Target Rifle Regulated by Fultons to "Service Rifle B" Specification £SOLD

Rare SMLE MkI*** N (Naval Conversion) £Sold



Long Branch No4 Mk1* 1950 - Long Butt - SOLD

BSA No4 Mk1 1944 - SOLD

No4 MkI* Long Branch 1945 - 5 Groove Barrel - SOLD

No4 Mk1 7.62mm - SOLD

No4 Mk1 BSA 1942 Serial No C8471 - Sold

No4 Mk2 Fazakerley 1949 PF110589 - Sold

No4 Mk2 Fazakerley 1949 PF118486 - Sold

No4 Mk1 BSA 1942 - Sold

No4 Mk1/2 Fazakerley 1948 - Sold

No4 Mk1 Fazakerley 1942 - Sold

No4 Mk1 Fazakerley 1948 Fulton Regulated - Sold

No4 Mk1* Savage 1942 - Sold

No4 Mk1 BSA 1942 SOLD

No4 Mk2 1955 - Sold

No4 Mk2 1955 - Sold

AIA lee Enfield No4 Cal: .308 - Sold

No4 Mk2 1954 PF334911 - £Sold

No4 Mk2 1954 PF333562 Irish Contract £Sold

No4 Mk2 1955 No: A14861 - £Sold

No4 Mk1 Very Late 1948 With Original Long Butt £Sold



No5 Mk1 Jungle Carbine Fazakerley 7.62mm Conversion - Sold

No5 Mk1 Jungle Carbine BSA Serial No BB7767 - SOLD

No5 Mk1 Fazakerley 1946 - Sold

No5 Mk1 BSA 1945 - Sold



Pattern 14 & Model 1917

M17 / P17 Eddystone 30/06 1918 Very Good Condition - Sold

M17 / P17 Eddystone 30/06 1917 Very Good Condidtion - Sold

Winchester P14 £Sold

P14 Winchester Rare No3 Mk2 .303 £Sold

P14 Remington .303 1916 £SOLD

P14 Remington 1916 Ex RAF Museum Rifle. Rare Mk1. £Sold


Training Rifles

No8 Mk1 Training Rifle - SOLD

No8 Mk1 British Military Training Rifle - SOLD

Enfield .22 SMLE 1913 Dated

No8 Mk1 New Zealand Contract Training Rifle - Sold

Lee Enfield N.9 Navy Contract Training Rifle - Sold

LSA SMLE No2 MkIV* .22 Training Rifle - SOLD

No8 Mk1 British Military training Rifle - Sold

SMLE MkIV* .22 Air Ministry Contract - Sold

Lithgow SMLE No2 MkIV* .22 Training Rifle - Sold

No8 Mk1 British Military Training Rifle -Sold

Lithgow SMLE No2 MkIV* .22 Training Rifle - Sold

No8 Mk1 British Military Training Rifle £Sold

No8 Mk1 British Military Training Rifle £Sold

No8 Mk1 British Military Training Rifle £Sold

RAF No7 .22 Training Rifle Very Rare £SOLD

SMLE IV* .22 Conversion £Sold

Very Rare Lee-Enfield SMLE Rifle .22RF Pattern 1914 £Sold


Sniping Rifles

Lee Enfield No4T BSA 1944 - Sold

Lee Enfield No4T BSA 1944 - Sold

L42A1 Sniper Rifle - SOLD

Lee Enfield No4T (Less Telescope) - SOLD

Enfield Enforcer No 705 - Sold

Pattern 14 No.3 MkI* (T)A Sniper Rifle - Sold

Lee Enfield No4T BSA 1945 - Sold

SMLE No.1 MkIII* H.T. Sniper Rifle - Sold

No4T BSA 1944 - Sold

Enfield Enforcer No 490 £Sold

No4T Long Branch 1943 - Sold

L42A1 Sniper Rifle £Sold

BSA 1944 No4T £SOLD

Enfield Enforcer No 295 £SOLD

Enfield Enforcer No 089 £SOLD

BSA 1945 No4T £SOLD


Target Rifles

Lee Enfield 7.62mm Target Rifle - SOLD

No4 Mk2 7.62mm Target Rifle PF306170 - SOLD

Enfield No4T Whitaker Special 7.62mm Target Rifle - SOLD

Enfield Envoy Palma Match Sold

Enfield Envoy Sold

Enfield Envoy Sold

Enfield L39A1 1970 7.62mm £Sold

Enfield Envoy "1970 Palma Match" Rifle 7.62mm £Sold

L39A1 (No4 7.62 CONV) 1969 £Sold

Sporting Rifles

BSA Lee Speed Style Sporting Rifle .303 - SOLD

Genuine BSA Lee Speed Sporting Rifle .303 - Sold

Genuine BSA Lee Speed Sporting Rifle .303 - Sold

BSA Lee Speed Calibre .303 Circa 1910 VGC £450 £SOLD

BSA Lee Speed No1 Pattern .303 retailed by William Powell £Sold

BSA Lee Speed No2 Pattern Calibre .303 (Metford) £600 £SOLD