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Mosin Nagant Rifles & Carbines
Calibre 7.62 x 54.
We Have a Great Selection of these Iconic Rifles In Stock

Standard Model 1891/30 Rifles

Finnish Models all originally Captured From Russia

Genuine Sniper Rifles Model 1891/30

Even Russian Ministry of Defence Marked Rifles


These rifles are all in very good condition, with shooting grade bores.

The Mosin–Nagant (Russian: Vintovka Mosina) is a 5 shot, bolt-action, internal magazine-fed, military rifle, developed by the Imperial Russian Army in 1882–91, and used by the armed forces of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and various other nations. It is one of the most mass-produced military bolt-action rifles in history with over 37 million units produced since its conception in 1891, and in spite of its age it has shown up in various conflicts around the world until the modern day, being plentiful, cheap, rugged and effective, much like the AK-47 and its variant.

Mosin Nagant is a Western term, the rifle was originally just called the "Mosina"


Training Rifles

Polish Radom WZ48 Training Rifle - Reserved

Polish Radom WZ48 Training Rifle - Reserved

Polish Radom WZ48 Training Rifle - Sold

Finnish Model 1928/30

Finnish M28/30 SAKO 1938

Model 1891

Finnish Capture M24 Originally by Sestroryetsk dated 1898 - Reserved

Model 1891/30

Russian M91/30 TULA 1938

Russian M91/30 Izhevsk 1944 - Finnish Capture

Model M44 & M38 Carbines

Russian M44 Carbine - Reserved

Model 1891/30 Sniper Rifles

1943 Sniper Rifle PU Scope Serial No Ar5617 - Reserved


Previously Sold

Russian M91/30 Izhevsk 1943 - SOLD

M91/38 Carbine Serial No 81611 - SOLD

Finnish Capture M91 Refurbished by Tikka 1943 - Sold

Russian M91/30 Tula 1926 - MO Marked - Matching Bayonet - Sold

Russian M44 Carbine - Laminated Stock Early Example - SOLD

Romanian M44 Carbine - SOLD

Finnish Capture M91 Imperial Tula dated 1897 - SOLD

Russian M91/30 Izhevsk 1934 - Sold

Hungarian 1951 M91/30 - Sold

Finnish M24 Stepped Heavy Barrel - Sold

Mosin Nagant St. Petersburg Calvary School Carbine - Sold

Russian M44 Laminated Stock - Sold

Finnish M39 - Sold

Polish M44 Carbine - Sold

Hungarian M44 Carbine - Sold

Hungarian 1952 M91/30 - Sold

Finnish M91 Originally by Westinghouse - SOLD

Russian 1933 Tula hexagonal Receiver No 39429 - SOLD

1943 Sniper Rifle PU Scope Serial No 772 - Sold

1943 Sniper Rifle PU Scope Serial No 770 - Sold

1944 Sniper Rifle PU Scope Serial No 378 - Sold