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Collectable Heritage Pistols

Section 5

Suitable for Section 7.1 & 7.3

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Walther PPK Calibre 7.65mm dated 1941

Sauer & Sohn 38H Calibre 7.65mm WW2 German Wehrmacht Issue

Walther PP Calibre 7.65mm Early German issue Circa 1936

Webley MkVI Revolver .455

Webley Model 1913 MK I .455 Auto Pistol

Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector MkII .455 Canadian Issue

FN Model 1922 WW2 Nazi German Issued & Marked

Tokarev Sportowy.22 Lr Training Pistol


Selection of 9mm German Lugers, Walther P38s (P1 & P4) & Walther PP

Smith and Wesson First Model Double Action Revolver

FN Model 1922 WW2 Nazi Marked


Mauser HSc Pistol Serial No: 785129 Calibre 7.65mm WW2 German Acceptance Marks

Kongsberg Moldel 1914 (Colt 1911) - HELD

Smith & Wesson MkII .455 Hand Ejector British Contract - HELD

Walther Model 4 Calibre 7.65mm Imperial German Navy Issue

Smith & Wesson Victory Model US Lend Lease + German Occupation Issue

E-Prefix Browning High Power 9mm Brtish Military Contract

Colt 19ll Argentine Naval Contract 1914 dated .45ACP

WW2 Nazi German High Power Pistol 9mm Held for MM



Previously Sold

Enfield No2 Mk1 Revolver .38 S&W Royal Canadian Air Force Sold

Webley MkIV .455 Revolver -Sold

Inglis Browning High Power 9mm - Sold

Webley MkIV .455 Revolver Naval Issue - Sold

Smith & Wesson Victory Model .38 Special US Army - Sold

Smith & Wesson Victory Revolver .38 S&W Lend Lease US Property marked - Sold

Webley Pryse No4 Calibre .476 - Sold

Webley MkIV .38 S&W War Time Issue & Enfield Inspectors Marks - Sold

Enfield 38 S&W Revolver No2 Mk1* by Albion Motors 1942 Dated Sold

Colt 1903 .32ACP British military Issue - Sold

Rare Dutch Contract FN High Power 9mm - Sold

British Inspection Marks Garate Revolver .455 - Sold

Colt 1911 .45acp Early Russian Contract - Sold

Webley Auto Model 1913 MK I N Calibre 455 Auto - Sold

Nazi Walther PPK Party Leader Pistol with matching Holster - Sold

E-Prefix Browning High Power 9mm British Military Contract - Sold


Inglis Browning High Power 9mm - Sold

Browning FN High Power 9mm - Sold

Colt 1911 Service Ace .22LR - Sold


Webley & Scott Speary Humane Cattle Killer .22LR - Sold