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Collectable Heritage Pistols

Section 5

Suitable for Section 7.1 & 7.3

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Webley MkIV .38 S&W Israeli Contract

Polish Radon Vis 35 9mm

Italian Bodeo M1889 Revolver Calibre 10.4mm

Tokarev Sportowy.22 Lr Training Pistol

Mauser HSc Pistol Serial No: 785129 Calibre 7.65mm WW2 German Acceptance Mark

Sauer & Sohn 38H Calibre 7.65mm WW2 German Wehrmacht Issue

Smith & Wesson Victory Revolver .38 S&W- Reissued 1945 to German Police - Held

Colt 1911 A1 - US Army 1943 - Reserved

Walther PPK Calibre 7.65mm dated 1941 - Reserved

Webley MkVI Revolver .455 - Held

Walther Model 4 Calibre 7.65mm Imperial German Navy Issue - HELD


Previously Sold

Smith & Wesson MkII .455 Hand Ejector British Contract - Sold

Browning High Power - Danish Military Contract M1946 - Sold

WW2 Nazi German High Power Pistol 9mm - SOLD

Mauser C96 Pre-War Commercial Dated 1905 - SOLD

Tokagypt 58 Pistol Calibre 9mm - Held

Webley Model 1913 MK I .455 Auto Pistol - Sold

Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector MkII .455 Canadian Issue - SOLD

Smith and Wesson First Model Double Action Revolver - SOLD

Kongsberg Moldel 1914 (Colt 1911) - SOLD

E-Prefix Browning High Power 9mm Brtish Military Contract - SOLD

Walther PP Calibre 7.65mm Early German issue Circa 1936 - SOLD

Enfield No2 Mk1 Revolver .38 S&W Royal Canadian Air Force Sold

Webley MkIV .455 Revolver Naval Issue - Sold

Smith & Wesson Victory Revolver .38 S&W Lend Lease US Property marked - Sold

Webley Pryse No4 Calibre .476 - Sold

Webley MkIV .38 S&W War Time Issue & Enfield Inspectors Marks - Sold


Colt 1903 .32ACP British military Issue - Sold

Rare Dutch Contract FN High Power 9mm - Sold

British Inspection Marks Garate Revolver .455 - Sold

Colt 1911 .45acp Early Russian Contract - Sold

Webley Auto Model 1913 MK I N Calibre 455 Auto - Sold

Nazi Walther PPK Party Leader Pistol with matching Holster - Sold

E-Prefix Browning High Power 9mm British Military Contract - Sold

Inglis Browning High Power 9mm - Sold