Highwood Classic Arms

Servicing The

SMLE & No4 Lee Enfield

Contact Simon Pemberton on Mobile 07952 119609 or Email: highwoodclassicarms@hotmail.co.uk


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Most Accuracy Problems are caused by poor fitting Fore-Ends which can normally be rectified during a service

Please Allow Up To 14 Days To Complete A Full Service

Especially If There Are Any Minor Modifications Or Repairs Required.


1st Stage Inspection on receiving the rifle (No Charge)

The rifle is checked for missing parts; the bolt has matching serial number, function tested & head spaced as received to ensure it is still in proof.

(If the Bolt does not have a matching serial number the customer must confirm that it is the correct bolt,
if requested the bolt can then have the correct serial number applied.)

The trigger mechanism sear is checked for contact with the bolt.

The bolt head is checked for over rotation. The sights are checked for any excess movement.

The barrel, bore & chamber are viewed for condition & muzzle bearing pressures checked.

If it fails this stage there is no charge & the customer is contacted to decide what route he wishes to take which may be repair or replacement of components.


Full Service From £30
There will be a fully written service report plus a historical report on the rifle.

The rifle is fully stripped & tagged. The barrel is then checked for alignment with the action.

All parts are cleaned & any damaged threads are repaired

The barrel is gauged at the muzzle & breach plus the .301” gauge must pass through the barrel under its own weight. The barrel crown is dressed lightly if required.

The bolt has engineers blue applied and checked against the action for correct contact on the locking lug faces. The bolt head is checked that over rotation is less than 20 degrees. The firing pin is checked for protrusion & shape. The cocking piece is checked & stoned to remove any burrs. The bolt & action are then assembled together and checked for head space.

The forend is checked for bearing contacts including the draws; minor adjustments if required are undertaken. Ant cracks are glued & pinned. The butt is tightened if required. The forend & hand guards are re-assembled. The trigged guard screw collar is checked for length and shortened or replaced if necessary. The front hand guard is checked that it does not foul the front sight protector. The hand guards may require packing around the front & middle bands if they are loose.

The trigger is checked for a two stage pull & for correct pressure. Minor adjustments are allowed for, but in some instances the cocking piece and or trigger is unserviceable.

The rifle fore end is removed & a slight smear of grease is applied to the barrel to prevent corrosion & now everything is fully assembled & function tested. The magazine lips will be adjusted to ensure correct feed. Some times the magazine will require replacement because of worn or damaged lips. Any worn finish on the front site & protector is touched up with enamel paint, if not this can cause glare when in use.